Absolute Energy Servizi

Sustainable energy services for Kitobo island

The project aimed at providing access to clean, reliable and affordable electricity to the whole community of Kitobo Island, Uganda, through a Stand-alone Smart mini-grid Solar PV power plant. The project faced the rural electrification challenge with an innovative business model based on a bilateral approach that customers’ growth is their growth.


Outcome and Impact:

The Project Targets are fully achieved with an installed solar PV generation capacity of 228.8 kWp which will supply 344 MWh to the entire village of Kitobo. 543 customers connected, including smart meter and building wiring, reaching 89.5% of potential market. The annual cumulative CO2 emission reductions of 8.9 tCO2eq is confirmed starting from the first year. Lastly, the Project Target designed to involve the local community through direct jobs is 18 people involved in temporary jobs to construct the plant, the dirt road and the customer care office whereas 8 people have been hired by Absolute Energy as permanent staff.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 1 188 714

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 593 808


Solar PV


Demonstration project

Project Period

2015 - 2017