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Biogas for milk cooling

The project aimed to install and operate 6 bio-digesters at milk cooling centres in West Uganda. The biodigesters produce biogas that were used to co-fuel a diesel generator that powers the milk cooling facility. This reduced the diesel consumption which will enable a higher milk price for the farmers. Apart from biogas, the biodigesters produced bio slurry that will be converted to organic fertiliser pellets rich in NPK that can be used for cash crops.

The demonstration project allowed the Project Developer to prove the BOT business model to potential customers as well as to potential investors for future scale up.


Outcome and Impact:

Approximately 16 tCO2eq per year emission reduction due to saving of diesel. One SME and 5 households benefit directly from this project and 3 new jobs were created. Approximately 15 MWh will be produced as a result of this project.



Total Project Budget

EUR 220 048

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 153 932


Biogas for electricity generation


Demonstration project

Project Period

2015 - 2017