Acacia Innovations

Innovative clean cooking fuel distribution

This project scaled up the production and distribution of innovative, non-carbonised biomass briquettes that replace charcoal and firewood for clean cooking. Acacia Innovations targets small and medium-sized institutions in Kenya, such as schools, restaurants, children’s homes and hotels. This is an underserved market segment that has a multiplier effect on health and the environment. Acacia has become the largest supplier of clean cooking fuels for schools and small businesses in Kenya, but demand exceeds existing production capacity. With EEP Africa financing, Acacia expanded production of its Kuni Safi brand briquettes and piloted an innovative new cookstove that can be sold at a discounted rate as part of a subscription bundle.


Outcome and Impact

The project contributed significantly to reducing carbon emissions and improving health in Kenya. Acacia aims to sell 1,800 cookstoves and 8,400 tonnes of clean briquettes. Each tonne of briquettes saves 25 trees, resulting in a reduction of 30,492 tonnes of CO2e during the life of the project. Each school or children’s home that switches from charcoal to briquettes saved EUR 750 per year, while also leading to better health, resources and quality of life for children in low-income slums and rural areas.


Read a profile of Elana Laichena, Founder & CEO of Acacia and an EEP Africa Rising Energy Leader



Total Project Budget

EUR 684 365

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 350 000


Solid Biomass


Scale-up Project Stand-alone

Project Period

2019 - 2021