Songa Energy


This project will support the construction of the first independent power producer (IPP) hydropower plant in Burundi. The 1.1 MW run-of-the-river grid-connected plant will be built on the Ruvyironza River in the centre of an unelectrified part of Gitega Province. The project is being developed in close collaboration with the national energy utility, government officials at all levels, and the local communities. This is the first of several hydropower projects that Songa Energy intends to implement in Burundi. EEP Africa financing will help de-risk the overall investment and support the development of a connected mini-grid to electrify local communities.


Outcome and Impact

The project will create over 100 jobs and bring electricity to more than 20,000 rural residents in south-central Burundi. The hydropower plant will produce 6.5 GWh of renewable electricity annually, which will mitigate 3,200 tons of CO2e emissions. By providing power to the local area through a connected mini-grid, as well as to the national gird, the project will significantly improve economic development and productivity in the region.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 3 762 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 500 000




Mini-grid Pilot Project

Project Start

2019 -