ADPP Mozambique

Biomass Saving Stoves

The project sought to establish one production unit of portable improved stoves. The production unit was run as a business with the capacity to produce and sell approximately 1.000 stoves per month. The objective of the project was to ensure that low-income population satisfies its energy requirements in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner with positive impact on both the environment and living conditions of the target population.  It is estimated that 10.000t of CO2, 9.000t of firewood and 500t of charcoal will be saved and 10.000 households will benefit from improved living conditions with decreased indoor pollution and decreased workloads.

Outcome and Impact:

The project successfully achieved at least 80% of its set targets.  The greatest achievements was the production of 9,025 stoves.  Another notable achievement was that the stove production team has been registered as an association to promote micro-business development.  Twenty-four women and men (20 women and 4 men) were employed as improved stoves producers, of which 18 went on to form the association alluded to above. Twenty people were employed as sales and marketing people, of which 10 were men and 10 were women.


Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 144 554

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 125 712





Project Period