Polytechnic of Namibia

Energy Efficient Building in Namibia

The objective of this demonstration and research project was to contribute for the improvement of building quality in Namibia and evaluate sustainable concepts for small residential houses. This project looked at the effective utilisation of stored heat from the ground in the maintenance of ambient internal temperature through the use of exchangers buried in the ground, double layered insulated walls and windows, effective ventilating system, temperature sensors, and buried pipes and valves that transfer and control the inside heat respectively. The provision of overhead chimney would ensure the effectiveness of convention air current that would ensure the operation of the concept. By installing well defined data logging devices, variation in inside temperature in the building could be monitored and measured and by changing building materials, design orientation, and other key parameter, the behaviour and effectiveness of a wide range of construction materials under varying designs and orientations could be tested and measured.


Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 174 711

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 40 000


Energy Efficiency



Project Period

2011 - 2014