Bioenergy Burundi

Biowaste Briquettes for Burundian Households

The Burundian project promoter Bioenergy aimed to establish the manufacturing and distribution of biowaste-based briquettes for household cooking and heating. This project aimed to verify the technical, economic and market assumptions for the investment with the final result a bankable business plan that will enable Bioenergy to pursue the proposed investment. The rationale for the project lies in the fact that Burundian households depend on firewood and charcoal for cooking and heating, which is environmentally harmful, increasingly expensive and/or time-consuming. In these circumstances, bio-waste briquettes are both financially and environmentally a better solution. Upon positive outcome of the feasibility study, Bioenergy aims to establish a manufacturing facility in Bujumbura and a distribution network in four Burundian provinces, generating 100-120 direct jobs and an additional income for 80-120 small entrepreneurs.

Project Developer

Bioenergy Burundi



Total Project Budget

EUR 164 951

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 124 500


Waste to Energy



Project Period

2015 - 2017