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Commercialising Clean Cookstoves and Sustaiable Biomass Fuel in Zambia

The project aimed to procure and distribute energy efficient cookstoves, as well as produce and sell renewable biomass fuel (e.g. wood-chips and pellets). The target was to sell 30,000 stoves and 8,000 tonnes (cumulative) of biomass in two years. The business was expected to be self-sustaining at these volumes, based on the repeat sales of biomass fuel to customers that would have bought stoves.


Outcome and Impact:

This project procured 7,811 cookstoves and distribruted 5,575 of those. The resulting potential emission reductions from 5,575 stoves distributed is 19,512 ERs/yr, and 33,022 ERs/yr for total procured stoves. The project directly employed 20 full time staff. Over 300 listed resellers were acquired and the project engaged with 67 rural farmers/community groups at the end of the project period.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 724 541

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 271 639


Solid Biomass



Project Period

2014 - 2017