Chapter Six

Northern Uganda 1MW Pilot Biomass Gasification Power Plant

The project was for the pilot construction and operation of a grid connected 1MW biomass gasification power plant in Mede Parish, Palaro Sub-county, Gulu District. It was a pilot study which was intended to be the proof of concept for a larger investment where we were planning to scale up to 10MW. The technology of biomass gasification is a process which heats the feedstock to 1000 degrees Celsius which breaks down the organic compounds into producer gas. The producer gas is then pumped into a modified gas engine which combusts the gas and turns it into electricity. The power plant would produce up to 70,000,000 kWh per annum. Once complete, the project developer hoped to expand beyond the 10MW in different locations in Uganda and also help Ugandans and East Africans replicate the model of generating medium-scale biomass power plants using agricultural waste.


Outcome and Impact:

Completion of a full feasibility study for the project along with the documentation of the same. Approved Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and certificate from the National Environment Management Authority. Chapter Six Ltd has inspired many other small scale biomass projects in the region. From the use of groundnut husks to the use of dried cow dung to produce power, the general electrification of the region has improved.

Project Developer

Chapter Six Ltd.



Total Project Budget

EUR 274 855

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 93 132


Solid Biomass



Project Period

2013 - 2017