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Enabling 1.200 People to Access Sustainable Small Scale Solar Power in Changalane, Namaacha District, Maputo Province, Mozambique.

This project aimed at introducing an innovative energy solution to rural communities in Mozambique. The energy will be affordable, decentralised, clean and sustainable.
The project implemented two different models to provide solar energy:

  • One model uses 6 solar charging stations such as those in the Indian TERI’s “Lighting a Billion Lives” (LaBL) campaign. ( This is an entrepreneurial model of energy service delivery, which has been successfully rolled out to over 550 villages in 15 Indian states, impacting around 150 000 lives.
  • The other model is to sell affordable solar lanterns equipped with their own small solar panel of the type produced by DLight or similar models, which can also charge mobile phones.



Changalane - Mozambique

Total Project Budget

EUR 114 058

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 95 611


Solar PV


Demonstration project

Project Period

2011 - 2013