Clamore Solar

Solar Egg Incubators in Zimbabwe

This project aims to increase the productivity of poultry farmers in rural Zimbabwe by installing high-performing solar egg incubators. The technology improves egg hatching, thus increasing farmer output and improving food security. Clamore will target households, entrepreneurs and MSMEs through partnerships with local farmer associations. The project will also provide after-sales support and access to financing and markets. A PAYG version of the incubator is being developed and Clamore plans to use this pilot as the basis to expand distribution of other agricultural productive use equipment. EEP Africa financing will enable Clamore to integrate PAYG into its product and reach a lower-income customer segment of the poultry value chain.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to install 500 solar egg incubators, the majority of which will have capacity for 99-144 eggs with a 250 W solar PV array and 1200 Wh battery capacity. The project will enhance access to productive use of energy for 2,100 people. Since the poultry value chain is predominantly comprised of women, the project will also provide income-generating opportunities for local women.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 387 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 260 000


Productive use of energy

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Start

2021 -