Solar Media Backpack

This project aims to demonstrate a unique energy-storage solution that can turn any room into a classroom. Tespack will distribute its portable Solar Media Bag (SMB) to new markets in Zambia and Uganda. Each SMB includes 80 W solar panels, a projector, speakers and modular power banks. The SMB is specifically designed to be used by teachers and healthcare workers in rural off-grid areas. EEP Africa financing will enable Tespack to finalise product development, collect evidence and feedback from the field, and prepare for full-scale commercialisation.


Outcome and Impact

This project will deploy 10 units of the Solar Media Bags to test and refine the business model. The product has strong potential to contribute to improved education and health by providing a portable electricity solution for schools, clinics and humanitarian agencies in off-grid areas. There is high potential for scale-up and Tespack aims to secure investments for a full commercial roll-out.


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Uganda and Zambia

Total Project Budget

EUR 300 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 210 000


Solar PV


Demonstration, Stand-alone

Project Start