Solar Media Backpack

Tespack has successfully completed the development of its Smart Solar Media (SSM) technology, incorporating improvements in product hardware, enhancements in software, and refinements in the business model. Furthermore, Tespack has successfully entered market opportunities in Zambia and Uganda, broadening its customer base for SSM units with a focus on the education, agriculture, health, and governance sectors. This expansion involved the facilitation of technology-aided workshops and training programs.  EEP Africa financing enabled Tespack to finalise product development, collect evidence and feedback from the field, and prepare for full-scale commercialisation.


Outcome and Impact

Tespack has distributed 10 SSM bags through EEP Africa funding, along with additional assistance for hardware and software improvements. The EEP Africa-funded SSM bags were strategically distributed in Uganda (8) and Zambia (2). Each SSM unit, equipped with an 80W panel, has the capability to effectively reduce approximately 0.45 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) in a single year of regular usage.




Uganda and Zambia

Total Project Budget

EUR 300 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 210 000


Productive use of energy

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Period

2021 - 2023