East African Power (EAP)


This project will combine a hydropower plant with a sustainable aquaculture business and a local mini-grid in the Rubavu District of Rwanda. The 4.2 MW run-of-the-river plant will have a hybrid intake structure that includes a women’s aquaculture business, which will grow and process fish in the intake headpond. The project also includes a 150 kW mini-grid that will supply affordable energy to a Micro-Industrial Park and an Empowering Villages Centre, which will include a multipurpose community building, a library and learning centre, and an agricultural centre of excellence. EEP Africa financing will ensure that the community empowerment and growth aspects are fully realised and integrated into the project.


Outcome and Impact

The project brings an inclusive and community based approach to hydropower planning and development. The hydropower plant will produce 21.3 GWh of electricity annually, which will mitigate 13,600 tonnes of CO2e. The project will provide 2,100 direct jobs and have a large impact on socio-economic development. The Women’s Aquaculture Cooperative Program will create jobs and stimulate women’s economic empowerment. The mini-grid will provide energy to local micro-businesses, and the community centre will develop social and educational initiatives.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 11 855 300

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 500 000



Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Start

2019 -