Empower New Energy


This project will pilot a new business model to deliver a 1.9 MW grid-connected hydropower plant and efficient irrigation for farmers in one of the poorest areas in Rwanda. Empower’s model employs a portfolio ownership approach to deliver the benefits of Green Bonds and other financing instruments to small and medium-scale projects. The Triple Bottom Line model reduces costs and risks for local partners and enhances development impact. With EEP Africa financing, Empower will test and refine its model and tools to deliver high-grade technology, reduce costs, and maximise impact, with the goal of showing proof of concept and integrating lessons learned in future projects.


Outcome and Impact

The project will deliver the 1,9 MW (Tier 5) Rucanzogera hydropower plant, which will produce 9.2 GWh of electricity annually. This carbon neutral electricity will mitigate 5,000 tons of CO2e. The project will create short-term jobs during construction and long-term jobs for plant operation and maintenance. It will increase local power capacity, enhancing energy access for an estimated 10,000 people and electrifying streets, schools and medical facilities. This will stimulate economic growth and facilitate socio-economic development.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 6 718 870

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 499 980



Energy Source



Pilot Project

Project Start

2019 -