Eco-fuel Africa


Eco-fuel Africa worked with local communities in Uganda to convert locally sourced biomass waste like sugarcane waste and corn waste into clean cooking fuel briquettes that people can use to cook instead of depleting forests for wood-based fuels. Their fuel briquettes burn longer, burn cleaner and are 65% cheaper than charcoal from wood. This saves people money, reduces indoor air pollution related illnesses and reduces deforestation.


Outcome and Impact:

Eco-fuel Africa identified, trained and built kiosks for 600 new women micro-retailers. The original target for this project was 247 micro-retailers. They also hired all the 40 project staff as planned. At the end of the project period they were reaching over 48,000 households on a daily basis. These briquettes reduced carbon emissions by 19,447 tCO2eq annually.


Success Story: EEP Africa Project of the Year 2015 >>

Project Developer

Eco-fuel Africa Limited



Total Project Budget

EUR 779 841

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 200 000


Waste to Energy


Scale Up

Project Period

2015 - 2016