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Piloting Commercial Production and Efficient Use of Briquettes from SugarcaneE Bagasse For Rural Households in the Sugarbelt Region of Kenya

The overall goal of this project was to achieve sustainable supply of renewable energy for rural communities in the sugar belt region of Kenya. The pilot project saved over 40% of energy consumed by households by shifting from firewood and charcoal to briquettes. The energy saving had a positive impact both on the environment and human health. Environmental benefits included a reduction in the amount of forest and woodland cut for fuelwood (both due to energy efficiency of the briquettes and the fact that they are produced from waste feedstock), and improved environmental awareness and skills among beneficiaries. In human health, use of modern biomass such as briquette reduces smoke from the kitchen, the main cause of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP).


Kenya - Ndhiwa

Total Project Budget

EUR 283 260

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 218 397


solid biomass


Pilot project

Project Period

2013 - 2016