Gaia Carbon Sciences (Pty) Ltd

Regional Agricultural Development: Biomass and Food Crop Cultivation for Electricity Generation, Biochar Production and Food Security

The partnership brought together by Gaia Carbon Sciences has developed an innovative and synergistic conceptual model to achieve a range of objectives and goals, utilizing biomass as an energy crop. This model, implementable of a regional basis within countries can establish biomass as a major energy resource. This opportunity has to be developed, through a feasibility study phase, towards a bankable plan and ultimately implementation. The unavailability of funding to achieve this objective has constrained progress towards implementation of projects. This EEP Programme addresses this problem, at least in the targeted countries and regions.

Project Developer

Gaia Carbon Sciences (Pty) Ltd


South Africa

Total Project Budget

EUR 294 872

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 194 872


Solid biomass


Feasibility study

Project Period

2012 - 2015