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10 MW Grid Connected Solar PV Project in Rwanda

The project was expected to generate around 8.5 GWh of electricity per year and to increase Rwanda’s generating capacity by 8.5%, enough to connect an additional 90,000-100,000 households to the electricity grid.


Outcome and Impact:

As a result of this project emission reductions of 7,500 – 8,400 tons of CO2 were achieved, relative to other sources of energy. An estimated 12,500 – 15,000 m3 of wood will be saved each year by connecting 15,000-18,000 households to GWG’s solar project. During construction, over 300 Rwandans found employment working on the site at the peak of construction. An estimated 30 full time maintenance jobs would be required for the upkeep of the solar field. Additionally, certain jobs were subcontracted out to local businesses such as hiring local accounting firms, local legal firms, and local administrative and management companies, creating an additional 20 long-term jobs.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 759 710

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 245 000


Solar PV



Project Period

2013 - 2014