LivelyHoods Kenya

Scaling the LivelyHoods Kenya Model

Over the course of 12 months, LivelyHoods scaled up its proven clean energy product distribution and job creation model into the heavily populated, but underpenetrated, market of western Kenya.  Clean cookstove penetration in Kenya’s urban areas is approximately 14.3%, highlighting the opportunity to distribute thousands of clean cookstoves throughout peri-urban and urban communities. Clean cookstoves benefit both families and the environment through fuel-savings and reduced black carbon and carbon dioxide emissions. LivelyHoods aimed to grow its operations by 50% by establishing one regional distribution hub in Kisumu and five additional branches throughout surrounding towns and cities.


Outcome and Impact

This project trained 690 youth and women, of which 364 (53%) are women. It distributed a total of 8,057 clean cookstoves to low-income consumers across the country. LivelyHoods created 364 jobs for youth and women as sales agents, six jobs for full time branch managers, and one for a full-time expansion manager, meaning a total of 371 jobs were created under this project. This results in saving 11,028.42mwh/year of energy.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 414 140

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 279 555





Project Period

2016 - 2017