Energy-as-a-service using smart solar-powered micro-grids

The project aimed to install and operate 50 solar-powered micro-grids in rural communities in Rwanda. These micro-grids would provide clean, reliable and affordable electricity services in the form of LED lighting and USB-charging for up to 1,300 households, small businesses and community services. The installation and operation aimed to create around 24 “green jobs” for the Rwandan economy.


Outcome and Impact:

MeshPower successfully connected over 1,000 households and small businesses in Rwanda’s Bugesera district to affordable pay-as-you-go electricity services. The customers are serviced through 45 solar powered, remotely monitored nanogrids that were installed during the project and are now operated by MeshPower. The portfolio of 45 solar nanogrids has already generated 26MWh of renewable energy and is expected to generate 65MWh every year. By replacing fossil fuel energy sources with photovoltaics, the project is achieving an estimated annual carbon emissions reduction of 110 tCO2 equivalent. The project created 37 green jobs that will last beyond the project period.

Read a Cleophas Anishakiye’s profile, Operations Manager of MeshPower and an EEP Africa Rising Energy Leader


Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 416 026

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 221 650


Solar PV


Demonstration project

Project Period

2015 - 2017