DASSY Enterprise

Pay-as-you go (PAYG) solar home systems

The project developer had a solar home system design for generating energy for productive use and lighting. The project proposed a rent-to-own payment facility on low upfront costs whilst recurrent fees were to be paid in installments via Pay-As-You Go -scheme combining a pre-paid meter and mobile money payment to facilitate many people to easily get it.


Outcome and Impact:

The project resulted in an annual emission reduction of 56 tCO2eq. 801 households and small businesses gained  access to SHS and jobs were created for 112 employees. There was 69 kWp newly installed electricity generation and 622.8 MWh of energy generated from renewable energy systems.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 326 985

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 209 200


Solar PV


Demonstration project

Project Period

2015 - 2017