Mofajus Investment Ltd. (MIL)

Feasibility Study on Deployment of the River Lwega in Decentralized Power Production of Mpanda Township, Ikola and Karema Villages, Tanzania

The project consisted of a feasibility study for enabling the larger main project to be executed. The main project can be described: “Electrification of the Ikola-Karema area by resorting to carbon free renewable energy sources”. Achieving the target of confirming the viability/ non-viability of the main project, through recommended renewable energy sources deployment will be the expected overall output of this project. In case of confirming the main project viability also enticing potential investors will be targeted.

Project Developer

Mofajus Investment Ltd. (MIL)


Tanzania; Mpanda town

Total Project Budget

EUR 227 886

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 143 750




Feasibility study

Project Period

2012 - 2014