Pamoja Cleantech


This project will scale up a clean cooking business that uses locally available cashew shells as cooking fuel through the launch of a fan-assisted smart cookstove that includes solar-powered lighting and phone charging (Tier 4). The project will integrate PAYG and sensor technology into the stove and sell it as a package with a basic smartphone, solar panel, battery and LED light. Customers will pay a monthly subscription fee for the stove package and the fuel, which is made from pressed cashew shells and sold under the brand name Moro Wakoroxo. EEP Africa financing will enable Pamoja to further develop its fuel preparation and distribution infrastructure and scale-up its fuel sales network and micro-financing platform.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to reach 3,000 households in Nampula with portable, solar PV-integrated clean cookstoves. Fuel made from locally-abundant cashew shells will replace the use of charcoal and firewood, which will reduce indoor pollution and mitigate climate change. This will also lead to significant household savings on the cost of fuel, lighting and phone charging. By including smartphones in the stove sales package, Pamoja Cleantech will enable a reliable PAYG system and increase the spread of modern communications technology in an underserved market, which will contribute to overall economic development.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 629 569

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 307 598


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Scale-up project

Project Start

2019 -