During this 2-year project SolarWorks! established a distribution and sales network of solar home systems (SHS) in Malawi to serve low and middle income households in rural and peri-urban areas that lack access to a reliable source of electricity. SolarWorks! recruited and trained over 300 local sales agents and technicians, opened 6 local shops, and sold close to 5000 systems that can support lighting, mobile phone charging, televisions, and refrigeration. By using proven PAYG technology and smart monitoring, the households can purchase the systems with a pay-back period of up to 36 months. SW! managed to establish 5 strategic partnerships in Malawi to accelerate geographic scaling. EEP Africa financing supported the creation of last mile distribution network.


Outcome and Impact

The project reached 4,800 households with (Tier 2) systems that create a clean energy capacity of 250 kW. This carbon neutral electricity has mitigated 7,300 tons of CO2e and improved household health and productivity. The annual household savings on energy-related expenditures are close to EUR 160,000. The project created 380 jobs, with sales agents earning a base salary and sales commission, as well as valuable training and experience


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Total Project Budget

EUR 965 543

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 310 950


Residential electricity


Replication project

Project period

2019 - 2021