Polytechnic of Namibia

National Wind Resource Assessment Project for Namibia – Development of Regional Observational Wind Atlases (Prefeasibility Study)

This project taught technical services on the supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of masts; data management and analysis and eventually develop 8 regional wind atlases under the National Wind Resource Assessment Project (NWRAP). The NWRAP was formulated by the Polytechnic of Namibia in order to create an accurate knowledge base of the wind resource available in the country through measuring and analysis.


Project Developer


Sossusvlei, Kalahariplaas, Otjimanangombe, Shinyungwe, Leyte, Steinhausen, Ondimbwa and Katwiti - Namibia

Total Project Budget

EUR 76 593

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 40 000




Feasibility study

Project Period

2011 - 2013