Renewable Energy Solutions

5 Star Clean Stoves

The aim of this project was to facilitate investment to a local community with a sustainable clean cooking stove business.The business included the full value process of biomass harvesting, beneficiation and finally bio-pellet distribution though a well-recognized transactional process in a clear business structure and business plans to guide the business.


Outcome and Impact:

During this project 2000 stoves were produced, along with an additional 400 as reserve and spares. This resulted in the reduction of carbon emissions by 500 tCO2eq annually. The project reached 100 households and created direct jobs for 20 people full-time and another 20 part-time and contracted.


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Project Developer

Renewable Energy Solutions


South Africa

Total Project Budget

EUR 473 254

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 201 500


Cookstoves & Solid Biomass



Project Period

2013 - 2015