Vuthisa Technologies

Vuthisa Biochar Initiative

This feasibility study was aimed at establishing proof of concept of a new emission reducing charcoal producing kiln to specifically eradicate invasive trees species in previously inaccessible areas.


Outcome and Impact:

In the end a single pyrolysis unit was built and 42% of the available EEP funds was utilised successfully towards building the kiln and periphery equipment. Near the invasive alien clearing operations live 20 families on Vogelvlei farm (rural area) each with an average of 6.5 family members, who benefit from free firewood collection. This means 130 people have direct access to free firewood. During the project period 4 permanent jobs were created.

Project Developer


South Africa

Total Project Budget

EUR 72 370

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 32 834


Solid Biomass



Project Period

2013 - 2015