Catalysing Uptake of Waste-to-Energy in Kenya

This project will scale up an existing waste-to-energy plant in Kenya through a public-private partnership with the local sewage provider. Sanivation uses an innovative circular economy approach in the conversion of fecal sludge to solid fuel briquettes. The plant will be expanded to 12 times its current capacity and the briquettes will be sold to schools, tea and dairy farms, textile and cement factories, and other local businesses. EEP Africa financing is expected to have a catalytic impact in unlocking public and private investments by demonstrating the commercial viability of a waste-to-energy factory at scale.


Outcome and Impact

The project will generate 7 MW of clean energy and reduce over 38,000 tCO2e emissions. Briquette customers are estimated to save up to 38% in energy related expenditures. The project will create over 200 jobs and 50% of the Sanivation sales team are women. The business model has high potential for rapid scale-up across Kenya.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 2 564 726

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 499 999


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Project Start

2021 -