KTF Concept

Beyond Charcoal: Healthy Cooking with Biomass Pellets

This project will enhance access to clean cooking in Burundi by increasing the production capacity of a biomass pellet plant. KTF Concept will add 200 kW of solar power and a pellet machine to its production facility. This will address challenges due to power outages and raise capacity from 1 to 10 tonnes per day. The pellets, made primarily from rice husks, will be sold with a pyrolytic cookstove also manufactured on-site. The project will provide microfinancing and post-sales service to low-income customers. With EEP Africa financing, KTF Concept will be able to demonstrate its holistic cooking solution and reach more households.


Outcome and Impact

The switch to cleaner fuel and more efficient cookstoves will improve household health and safety in rural Burundi. The project aims to create 40 jobs and provide access to clean cooking for 27,645 people. This would reduce 62,570 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year and generate annual cost savings of EUR 108 per customer.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 603 241

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 355 000


Clean cooking

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Pilot project

Project Start

2021 -