Biogas by Women for Women

This project enabled farmers in Kenya to turn animal waste into clean energy and increase their agricultural productivity. The project installed close to 3,000 biodigesters at smallholder farms with a focus on women sales agents and beneficiaries. strengthened last mile distribution and service capacity through the recruitment and training of new sales agents and technicians. The modular biodigesters were sold with productive use appliances, offering customers economic savings, increased productivity and income opportunities. With EEP Africa financing, developed a gender-inclusive approach to recruitment and training.


Outcome and Impact

The project sold close to 3,000 biodigesters and created jobs for more than 120 of which 51% were women. The systems generate 5271 MWh of clean energy per year, save EUR 805,752 annually in energy-related expenditure, and reduce 210,774 tonnes of CO2e emissions by replacing wood, charcoal and other non-renewable energy sources. With a 10-year warranty for each biodigester, the long-term impact of the project is significant.





Total Project Budget

EUR 6 538 695

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 387 411


Clean cooking

Energy source



Scale-up project

Project period

2020 - 2022