Yellow Solar Power

Project Khumbo: Empowering Women Through Digital Inclusion

Project Khumbo is designed to improve digital inclusion among women, building skills and job opportunities through awareness, education, access and opportunity. Yellow provided smartphones and training in digital technologies to 592 promising female entrepreneurs and distributed 10,571 Tier 1 solar home systems (SHS) in Malawi. The company’s female agents were promoted as examples of economic leadership by women in rural Malawi. EEP financing supported the development and roll out of technology training for women and the scale up of SHS sales.


Outcome and Impact

The project reached over 53,573 people and help meet the growing demand for affordable access to clean energy in Malawi. The project reduced 4,145 tonnes of CO2e emissions annually and mobilised over EUR 20M in climate finance. Yellow promoted women’s empowerment through the digital inclusion of 592 female entrepreneurs and employment for 147 women.



Read a profile of Maya Khonje-Stewart , Co-Founder & COO of Yellow Solar and an EEP Africa Rising Energy Leader



Total Project Budget

EUR 852 292

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 500 000


Residential electricity


Scale-up project

Energy source


Project period

2020 - 2021