Capacity Building For Offshore Photovoltaics In The Seychelles

This project will install a grid-connected 355 kW solar plant located partially or entirely at sea. Currently, only 2.3% of electricity in Seychelles is renewable due to regulatory issues, high upfront cost and limited space on land. Swimsol’s innovative SolarSea technology will demonstrate the large offshore solar power plant potential in this island nation. Swimsol aims to obtain the first IPP license (above 100 kW) in Seychelles and will promote social impact by establishing a Clean Energy Fund. A percentage of the project’s revenue will be transferred to this fund to finance local social and economic development projects. EEP Africa financing will support capacity building activities to secure the licensing for this first of its kind system and will enable the creation of the development fund.


Outcome and Impact

The project is expected to catalyse the development of solar power in Seychelles through knowledge transfer on offshore solar installations. The solar plant will save 119,175 liters of diesel annually, reducing 315 tonnes of CO2e. The development impact of the project will be strengthened by the establishment and financing of a Clean Energy Fund, which can support educational projects, renewable energy public workshops, small-scale renewable solutions for disadvantaged remote areas, and other social support.




Total Project Budget

EUR 700 930

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 490 651



Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Start

2019 -