Ubikwiti South Africa


The project provided renewable energy through off grid micro-scale solar powered energy networks that replace expensive and inefficient substitutes below that currently being paid by the customers. The primary objectives of this business model wer to increase this life-enhancing access to electricity for these communities by implementing an innovative financial model which enables that the equipment is installed in a home at no cost to the recipient. The system then allowed the recipient to purchase prepaid codes which enables the equipment to provide power corresponding to the time purchased.



Outcome and Impact:

405,730 Kg CO2 annual tCO2eq emission reductions achieved. 1973 rural households with access to renewable energy as a result of this project. 108 MWh energy generated from renewable energy systems.



Total Project Budget

EUR 289 278

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 200 000


Solar PV


Scale-up project

Project Period

2015 - 2016