Uganda Stove Manufacturers


The project aimed at positioning its UGASTOVE brand as the manufacturer leader of improved cookstoves. Its goals were to improve the quality and standards of its products and operations, develop innovative partnerships to raise awareness on climate change and the benefits of clean cooking, and expand its market share through new distribution channels. Its value-based approach empowered women to develop a relationship of trust with the base of the pyramid, providing training and maintenance to all improved cook stove user, while ensuring the successful adoption of a cleaner and more efficient technology. By accessing the compliance and voluntary carbon markets, the future earnings from carbon credits will allow UGASTOVE to lower the selling price of the stoves, making it more affordable to everyone.


Outcome and Impact:

During the project period 19,800 cumulative tCO2eq emission reductions were achieved. 28,653 households and 40 institutions gained access to renewable energy as a direct result of this project. 8 permanent full time jobs were created (men and women) and 3 permanent part-time women employees responsible for conducting ICS maintenance.



Total Project Budget

EUR 327 769

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 219 200


Cook stoves


Scale up project

Project Period

2015 - 2017