World Vision Rwanda

Wakawaka virtual micro-grids for rural communities in Rwanda

The project aimed to provide a local energy solution designed to meet the critical needs of rural communities in Rwanda to have access to a sustainable, affordable and clean energy source. WakaWaka solar devices were accessible to off-grid rural households through pay-as-you-go micro payments – purchasing light and power on demand and simultaneously paying off the devices. The sustainable community-managed financing model provided interest free credit to households, accumulate community savings, provide income to resellers, and a mechanism for sustainable growth and reinvestment in complementary RE/EE technologies


Outcome and Impact:

The project contributed to 9738HHs accessing WakaWaka Solar devices. During the project period 34 temporary jobs were created for youth who sold lamps in the field. In total 200 direct jobs were created.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 866 374

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 443 175


Solar PV


Demonstration project

Project Period

2015 - 2017