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Webinar: Solar E-waste Management Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa

EEP Africa and CLASP invite you to join our webinar on

Solar E-waste Management Innovations

in Sub-Saharan Africa

26 May 2020 at 16:00-17:30 EAT


EEP Africa is pleased to partner with CLASP to offer a deep dive into the solar e-waste management landscape in Africa. This event will share information from EEP Africa’s recent call and introduce projects funded through the Global LEAP Awards Solar E-Waste Challenge, a program to support innovations in off-grid solar e-waste management.

The global market for off-grid solar technologies is growing rapidly. Investments in e-waste management are needed now to ensure that the sector grows sustainably and remains a leader in environmental responsibility. Off-grid industry leaders are exploring e-waste management solutions, such as product repair initiatives and preventative maintenance, as well as the role of waste reduction in the initial product design stage.

The Solar E-Waste Challenge has awarded funds to 12 companies in sub-Saharan Africa for the research and development of sustainable e-waste management solutions in the areas of: take back, collection and incentives; recycling and product design for recyclability; battery technology and second life initiatives and product design for life extension; product repair, refurbishment and repurposing.

Participants can expect to learn about initiatives that:

  • Streamline and integrate take-back & collection into company business models
  • Facilitate product refurbishment, reuse, or repurposing
  • Create partnerships with the informal sector
  • Enhance consumer awareness around proper e-waste disposal
  • Develop second-life battery initiatives
  • Extend product and/or component lifespan; and
  • Enhance product reparability and recyclability


Webinar speakers include specialists from EEP Africa, CLASP and GOGLA.


EEP Africa is a multi-donor fund providing early stage financing to innovative clean energy projects, technologies and business models in 15 countries across Southern and East Africa. It is hosted and managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) with funding from Austria, Finland and NDF.

CLASP is an international appliance energy efficiency and market development specialist not-for-profit organization. The Global LEAP Awards are implemented through the Efficiency for Access Coalition and managed by CLASP.

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