Global Supply Solutions Ltd

Biomass Briquetting Pilot and Scale-up Project Integrating Local Communities and Industrial Consumers

Global Supply Solutions (GSSL) is a transport and logistics management company and its business idea was to become a manufacturer of briquettes made from agricultural waste, using high quality briquetting technology, and be the preferred supplier of briquettes to industrial consumers that are currently burning fuel wood and fossil fuels in their boilers. Initially GSSL was looking to set up a pilot plant. GSSL intended to scale-up the business model in East Africa at every location where there is an abundance of agricultural waste, and potentially become a power producer over time. For the pilot stage, GSSL was considering a number of different sources of waste as feedstock (GSSL has already secured a letter of intent to source agricultural waste from a large scale farm in the Eldoret area).


Kenya - Rift Valley, Eldoret and Kitale

Total Project Budget

EUR 611 056

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 233 355


Solid biomass


Pilot project

Project Period

2014 - 2015