HannyG Investment

Kuni Poa, Maisha Poa: Access to Clean Energy Briquettes

This project will replicate a successful clean cooking business model developed in Arusha in the larger market of Dar es Salaam. HannyG uses a binder-less briquetting technology to transform agricultural waste into “white coals” that are ideal for industrial boilers. The Kuni Poa briquettes are sold to school, restaurants and businesses in a package plan with affordable cookstoves. The company has already demonstrated its business model without external funding and is ready to expand operations. EEP Africa financing will enable HannyG to increase manufacturing capacity to 3,600 tonnes of briquettes per year and move into a larger market.


Outcome and Impact

The project will expand access to a waste-to-energy fuel that is cheaper, longer-lasting and produces more heat than firewood or charcoal. This will reduce deforestation, lower health risks and generate cost savings of 35-50% for customers. The project is estimated to reduce 38,300 tCO2e emissions and create 100 jobs, with 72% of the leadership positions held by women.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 349 165

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 200 000


Clean cooking

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Period

2021 - 2023