Empowering Zero Food Loss

This project aimed to strengthen the agricultural value chain in Kenya through a cold storage-as-a-service business model. SokoFresh piloted an integrated approach to refrigeration, aggregation of produce, food processing and market linkages for smallholder avocado farmers. The project installed six containerised, solar PV cold storage units and four solar-powered avocado oil press machines. Farmers have access to these facilities on a rental basis and are connected to buyers and markets for a small service fee. The facilities reduce food losses and improve the quality and value of products reaching the market. The project was implemented in partnership with Enviu, EcoZen, One Acre Fund, and World Food Programme. EEP Africa financing enabled SokoFresh to test this pay-as-you-store model, with the goal of scaling up to fill a clear market gap.


Outcome and Impact

The project improved the avocado value chain from collection to market through productive use of clean energy. This project created 821 jobs, of which 65 are for women and raised 2.5 EUR million in equity, debt, and grant funding to scale up. Over 8,000 farmers participated in SokoFresh’s pilot project. By reducing food losses and improving the quality and value of products reaching the market, this solution increased smallholder farmers’ revenue by 20%.





Total Project Budget

EUR 658 443

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 457 676


Productive use

Energy source



Pilot project

Project period