Waste To Eco-Diesel

The project aimed to bridge the new diesel fuel manufacturing technology (KDV Katalytische Drucklose Verölung) by means of a small pilot/demonstration plant to further reach commercial level where municipal waste could be economically disposed and diesel fuel/kerosene gained simultaneously. The method utilised nearly all waste fractions with high hydrocarbon content as feedstock is obtained from plastic-, rubber- and oil waste. Agricultural-, forest logging- and wood industry residue also yield well. 1 ton dry municipal solid waste yields about 250 l diesel or kerosene.



Outcome and Impact:

Compared to incineration (or decaying), the KDV-plant will displace annually 12,463 tons of CO2. Using the whole production for power generation, about 4,700 MWh of power could be generated annually.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 310 443

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 216 000


Waste to Energy


Feasibility study

Project Period

2015 - 2016